50 Shades Of Gray. Interior Painting

50 Shades Of Gray. Interior Painting

This project was really difficult. Just take a look at the trims, moldings, crown moldings. There were a lot of them! And also there were problems with old paints on the ceiling and the walls (patching and sanding were needed), and the old paints were glossy, too glossy! And the way we did it consisted of:

1. Covering the hardwood floor of dark brown color (can you imagine if some dirt would come there?) and all the furniture

2. Patching

3. Sanding

4. Caulking the trims and baseboards, and doors

5. Applying primer everywhere

6. Painting the ceilings

7. Painting the walls (5 different shades of gray)

8. Painting the trims

9. Painting the baseboards

10. Painting the moldings

11. Painting all the doors

And all the works on this house are done very fast - for less than a week!